Texans Fire Back at Benedict Beck’s Medina Ambush

February 13, 2010

in Liberty

Glenn, I could almost “cry” watching this video…

Here some of “your” 912 followers respond to the betrayal of a misplaced trust in you, “Benedict Beck”… Hope the “French kiss” was worth it.

Glenn: “Rick, I think you and I could French kiss right now.”
Liberty’s Modern Benedict Arnold

You would say: “I have been saying these things for years now,… why am I the only one” … I won’t, but…

Oh narcissistic one, listen to some of your “former” supporters:

“As a person listening to you (Deb Medina) the first time, (I) developed a lot of sympathy, because they ganged up on you, they threw a trick question, they stood around and giggled afterwards… and they were the (expletive) of the occasion and you are the winner… so don’t feel bad! (big applause)”

“Glenn Beck, I listen to him everyday… before now… He made me very angry, he went against everything he has ever spoken about by sand-baggin Debra the way he did today”

Be sure to visit http://www.dailypaul.com where I found this video.

“I caught the Glenn Beck interview today, I think Glenn Beck is going to lose a lot of fans, I’m deeply disappointed in him, I believe he’s become a fraud.

“He’s a gentleman who preaches constitutionalism, who preaches Tea Party candidates and electing people – true citizen representatives and he turned and ambushed Debra Medina.

And it is my understanding, he is a friend of Rick Perry and the whole interview spoke volumes of who Glenn Beck is now

There ya go Glenn (not that he will ever read this)… and just curious – is it true Debra Medina is the only Texas candidate to have signed “Your” 912 project?

Also, to be clear…. Benedict Beck is NO “Turncoat”… he has always been pro-Corporatism and pro-Establishment.

Glenn Beck, just happens to be very good at “DoubleSpeak”

Doublespeak (sometimes called doubletalk) is language constructed to disguise or distort its actual meaning, often resulting in a communication bypass. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., “downsizing” for layoffs) or deliberate ambiguity.  Wikipedia.

You know… I think he even won an award of some kind…

Oh yes,…

Glenn Beck was just named the 2009 winner of an award he would probably rather not have received (or maybe he would, under the principle that all publicity is good publicity): The “Doublespeak Award,” given annually by the National Council of Teachers of English. washingtonpost.com.

  • James

    I am SO disappointed in Beck. She wasn't ready to say that “9/11 truthers are in left field.” Well, the same thing was said about Waco until 1) The FBI couldn't produce the automatic weapons with burnt cyanide gas the the Texas Rangers requested, 2) the government said they couldn't find the front door to the compound that would prove who shot 1st, 3) the Forward Looking Infra Red footage showed machine gun fire on the people trying to run out the back door, and on, and on.
    So no, Texans don't put ANYTHING past the Federal government. I'm not a truther, but I don't think it's crazy. That's all she was saying.

  • Conan

    Saying you have emails ( like Beck said he did in the interview) identifying someone as a possible truther is a big problem especially those of us who want to maintain some credibility like Beck. He thought she would put it to rest and she couldn't and still doesn't. Whining about an ambush is off the mark. Why do you have to take down the whole right? How about you don't masquerade as mainstream and then Pull a John Edwards and take the whole right after the left does some research. Beck did everybody a favor askng a question that was coming in REAL politics. Are you a truther? Answer, Hell NO!

  • http://joerobertson.com Joe Robertson

    Texas Rocks and we may move there from NM if we can't help make a power shift here. Beck is pushing the wrong buttons right now.

  • http://joerobertson.com Joe Robertson

    Hey, no whining here… just using the opportunity to put some light on “Benedict Beck”. If you want to put your faith with him… great for you. You get the fruits of what he offers.

    You might want to do a little homework and understand what your dealing with… Who pays Beck? What is their association with Big Banks, Fed, Big Pharma and DC?

    Why are these connections “bi-partisan” and yet Fox promotes partisanship.

    Also, ask… why no coverage on BankerGate, Body Scanners, HR1207, S604, Drones, Executive Powers, H1N1 Hoax, National Emergency for H1N1 (still in effect), violation of posse comitatus and more.

    Plus, Beck got me to actually read the 911truth.org (truthers) statement and guess what… http://joerobertson.com/liberty/glennbeck-what-

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  • Adam

    Great Job,

    I am a human being made in the image of god. I know that 9/11 was an inside job it is obvious. Anyone that looks into it will find the same.

  • http://joerobertson.com Joe Robertson

    9/11 deserves a complete investigation. When you see people like Catherine Austin Fitts and LTC Anthony Shaffer demanding an investigation… then maybe it's time to realize we do not have the full story.

  • http://www.nycconsigliere.blogspot.com/ Christopher London

    America’s Political Establishment has set up a wall of obfuscation and denial on the left and on the right to compartmentalize diminish and undermine legitimate inquiry into the events of 9/11. Obviously your right as a Patriotic American Citizen stops short of being able to inquire that more complete and accurate information about the events of 9/11. There is a reason why some of America’s leading Propagandists are so well paid, whether they be on the left or on the right. Its tough work confusing and distracting the population about what is really going on in America, lest registered Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Republican and Tea Partiers start realizing that despite some philosophical differences on certain issues we actuall have more in common as American Citizens. Divide and conquer. Once we all figure out, they will shut down the internet so we cannot communicate across state lines—all in the name of National Security of course. America is in the process of becoming a full blown Kleptocracy with an unprecedented degree of self dealing to insiders and their friends depending upon which party is currently in power. It's become a Ponzi scheme with the interets of the average American Citizen being undermined to serve a higher power, the enrichment of those who have rigged the game.

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  • victoriabennett

    Glenn Beck uses Vicks under his eyes to cry. He and Rick Perry setup Medina so Perry could win-KLIF Radio aired a Beck Program from Sept 2009 where Glenn actually questioned George Bush's involvement in the murder of 3,000 911 victims. What a fraud Beck is! Perry was part of the coverup and before Medina even left the building, Perry had his ads ready to pounce on Medina. Beck tried to destroy the best candidate for Gov Texas has ever had. Well I vote Debra Medina and screw Beck and Perry!!!! http://bit.ly/cEUd9f

  • http://joerobertson.com Joe Robertson

    Beck is out to take down all Constitutionalists that actually have a chance to make a difference. I did a breakdown of his 911 comments and what was said on that show and in the video is actually out of context you can see my take here http://joerobertson.com/liberty/glennbeck-what-

  • Doug

    Glenn Beck is a traitor. He is a controlled neocon mouthpiece, bought and paid for.
    End the Fed, restore the constitution, and long live liberty.

    Ron Paul
    Deb Medina
    Peter Schiff
    Adam Kokesh


  • http://joerobertson.com Joe Robertson

    Bad day for Beck today. He actually made a positive gesture (only a gesture) towards Medina… Seems AD $$ may be off a little and ole' man Murdoch not too happy.

  • don

    Debra Medina was and is the only chance we have to take back what rightfully is ours. This lady is the only thing that stands between us and the same old marxist crap that we all have been feeding on for years given to us by corrupt career politicians.

    Abolishing private ownership of property is outlined in the communist manifesto!!!!

    You now own property in name only!

    If you don't beleive that. Try not paying your property Taxes sometime and see for yourself.

    Glen Beck you have turned on the very people you claim you are trying to help!!!!!!!!

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