New 9/11 Footage of Building 7

February 12, 2011

in Mind Control

Remember the 47 story building (fortress) that was reported to have fallen 5 hours after the Twin Towers came down?

No? Maybe because it was only covered on the day of the collapse.

See this article from and check out the Penthouse. Why did it fall first?

“WTC 7 blew itself up out of sympathy for the twin towers”

RP4409 February 12, 2011

Note: The audacity of the Official 9/11 Fable is a joke, along with the lies we’ve been told about what happened to WTC Buildings 1, 2 & 7 and the Pentagon. There is no humor in the deaths of the victims of this tragedy. Over 1,200 professional architects and engineers have attested to the fact that the government’s account of what happened on 9/11 defies the laws of physics. The truth, therefore, is in some other account. The victims of this heinous crime deserve justice, and we deserve to know the truth.

Radio host Terry Gilberg is just another mouth piece for the establishment. WTC 7 blasted into rubble, as proven from new angle unseen footage.

Still don’t see it? Possibly a case of “cognitive dissonance“.

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